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Welcome to the website of the Deer Run Community Organization. 

Check here often for the latest information on all news and events  happening in Deer Run and the surrounding community. 

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Annual Meeting

Deer Run Community Organization

Wed. May 9, 2017 6:30 p.m.

Poulsbo Library

This year's Annual Meeting will be held on May 9th, at the Poulsbo Library, downstairs. Mark your calendars!

All Deer Run residents and homeowners are encouraged to attend.

  Officers of the Deer Run Community Organization: 
                        Board Members:
                             Sandy Bullock, President & Treasurer
                             Sam Nighswonger, Vice President
                             Candy Peters, Secretary

                             Ken Roberts, Member at Large
                             James Sharp, Member at Large

                             Debbie Munroe,Member at Large

     Gene Bullock, Newsletter Editor  

If anyone is interested in joining the board as a senator at large, please contact the Board. 

Our board is very small at this time, and we would appreciate the assistance of additional volunteers on a project by project basis, as well as on a continuing basis. The time commitment is fairly small with meetings held every 6-8 weeks in preparation for the annual picnic and review of dwelling change forms. Please consider contributing to the health and vitality of our community is this way.

Thank you,

The DRCO Board


          New Resident Information
New Residents can click here for information on setting-up new utility accounts and other community information.       


               Kitsap Regional Library
               Poulsbo Branch Events

The Poulsbo branch of Kitsap Regional Library holds several ongoing events throughout the year.  For a full listing os all events taking place at all branches, check out the library website at:



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